Digital Strategy & Consulting

Digital Strategy & Consulting

Our Web Strategy & Consulting service is customized to the brands we work for. We work through a detailed 6 Step framework designed to ensure a better understanding of the brand, their objectives and priorities. This rigorous process helps us arrive at the right digital strategy to achieve optimal results.

The framework we follow is a simple set of 6 questions we discuss in detail, analyze data points and seek answers.

  • 1. Is digital marketing aligned to the organisation's priorities and marketing objectives?

    What is your expectation from digital as a medium? Is it core to the business? Do you need the web to build brand awareness or acquire new customers or both? Are you looking to build an eCommerce channel for your business?

  • 2. What are the goals that will define success for the business?

    This involves identifying the key business metrics for your brand and the goals set for these metrics. This will be key in defining how you measure the overall success of the web strategy.

  • 3. Who is your target segment?

    Identifying the target consumer segments is crucial. Their profile, the way they seek information? Gadgets they potentially use and their media consumption habits important when evaluating targeting options.

  • 4. What does the competitive landscape look like?

    Who do you consider as key competitors? What has been their digital strategy so far? How is our product or service differentiated from competition? Any key concerns?

  • 5. Is there any prioritization of markets or geographies?

    This is where we need to know if there are micro markets that are more important than others and how we may need to allocate budgets accordingly.

  • 6. Digital Strategy & Plan

    Our digital strategy and recommendation is the final step and is an outcome of the rigor and process we follow in our framework, the budgets allocated and time frame for achieving milestones set. The plan will, based on the above framework also decide what elements of internet and digital marketing you need to include as part of your overall digital marketing strategy. The digital marketing plan will provide a clear roadmap to achieve your goals in the most efficient and cost effective manner.

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