Analytics & Reporting

Analytics & Reporting

Analytics in digital marketing is all about monitoring user behavior, analyzing data, developing consumer insights and having actionable recommendations. This involves tracking, collation, measurement, reporting and analysis of key business metrics and engagement data to optimize digital marketing campaigns and importantly refine strategy.

At Webbutterjam, Data & Analytics is crucial to everything we monitor and manage. We first understand the business objectives and identify KPIs which would be most effective in measuring those goals going forward. Brands would also like to better understand how visitors to their websites are engaging with the platform and how effective their digital marketing campaigns are. Most importantly, if their investments are paying off and what needs to be done to make them more efficient and effective.

Web analytics provides valuable insights and inputs that help us refine our website design, landing pages or even the payment check out flow. So web analytics does not only provide insights to make digital marketing more effective but importantly also tells us how to improve the overall User Experience of the online platform which is most important for any marketing to be effective. Our team members are proficient in working on Analytics tools like Google Analytics and we help all brands we work with in setting up analytics and tracking for them.

As part of sharing with clients the analysis we do and also presenting the consumer journey and performance of digital marketing, we design customized data reporting for all brands based on their business objectives.

These performance reports we share at regular frequency give brands a holistic view of the progress we are making as well as comparing the performance with prior periods. At Webbutterjam, providing detailed analysis and reports to clients is also about being transparent, responsible and showing accountability. It gives the client a very good idea of where the money is being spent and if it is being spent as per plan.

To summarize, our Analytics and Reporting services helps your business to:

  • Understand the role of your website in achieving the business objectives
  • Identify the KPIs that would help in measurement in accordance with the overall business goals
  • Help in setting up enterprise-level web analytics software such as Google Analytics to enable advanced measurement reports
  • Ensure web analytics tracking codes setup through the website using advanced tag management software such as Google Tag Manager
  • Understand the behavior of customers as they move through different stages of the buyer’s journey. This involves understanding which marketing channels, devices and campaigns are working for achieving business goals.
  • Analyze the customer behavior insights on site and use the data to guide future marketing decisions
  • Identify new opportunities to grow your brand online
  • Move towards targeted metric goals such as desired cost per acquisition
  • Craft content and other marketing communication to deliver maximum impact
  • Regular reporting on all aspects of your digital marketing campaigns such as paid search advertising, search engine optimization, social media advertising etc.
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